Purveyor of Good and Goods


Experts say that if you are going to introduce a competing product to market, you must make it 10 times better.

Say hello to 10X BEARD OIL.

We cut no corners in the development of our first beard oil. A man's beard is an expression of his personality. Since every personality deserves respect, so does every beard. We sourced the finest natural oils known to man. Our extensive research and lab work produced a list of the best oils for your beard. And they're all in here! But we didn't stop there. The biggest issue with most beard oils is that they are not easily absorbed, leaving an oily "residue" that's ineffective. So we added Squalane - a powerhouse skincare ingredient that occurs naturally in the body and helps with absorption. And we've protected the integrity of these high quality ingredients with a black glass bottle, preventing the penetration of light.

  • Fragrance Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

We produced the best so that you can use the best. Give your beard the quality it deserves.

Did you know?

Squalane levels peak in our early 20s and decline very rapidly. Known as an antioxidant; prevents UV damage and age spots; promotes cell growth; antibacterial. Often sourced from shark livers, but our product is cruelty free and vegan, as we source from plants.