Purveyor of Good and Goods

"Dream Catcher" - 100% Pure Argan Oil Infused with Lavender

Traditional Native American Dream Catchers were intended to catch and prevent bad dreams, while allowing the individual to experience good dreams. Our 100% PURE Argan Oil is not only intended to end and repair damage to hair, skin and nails; with infused lavender, it can also help with restfulness, especially when used as a nighttime leave-in conditioner. These 2 versatile oils provide for many uses:

  • Leave-in conditioner - Nourishes and strengthens hair (and beard!)
  • Skincare - Hydrates skin; diminishes wrinkles, scarring and stretch marks; boosts cell production
  • Nails - Complete cuticle repair! Reduces dryness and cracking

Argan Oil: Naturally rich with vitamins A & E, packed with antioxidants and good fatty acids, and linoleic acid.

Did you know? Goats climb trees to eat the nutritious Argan fruit!

Lavender Oil: Traditionally considered nature's antioxidant superhero, with over 150 active constituents responsible for antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Did you know? There is a Biblical account of Mary washing the feet of Jesus with lavender oil!